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    just for your info, adafruit sells 2,5" screens - but they are not in stock right now :/

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    I don't think 2.5" is really the right size. The one I looked at ( is just a fraction too small:

    ___________LCD (mm)____Gameboy Screen (mm)_________2.8" LCD (mm)
    Width________50.27_________48_____________________ _____56.30
    Height________38.81_________43____________________ ______43.46
    Diagonal______63.5__________65____________________ ______71.12

    I think a 2.8" LCD (at the same aspect ratio) is needed to completely fill out the Gameboy Screen. Unfortunately this means a large excess on the width.

    Edit: Sorry for the underscores. The spacing collapsed when I posted it.
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    such great memories with this device

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    Yeah I can repair Game Boy Pc . I have the Latest One...


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