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    Junior creator - Raspberry Pi Gameboy!

    So i have been planning this for months, and i have almost all i need to do this but i am very inexperienced so this should be interesting to see how i manage to get this project done.
    I have alot of questions, and i will be posting many pictures along the ways, i will post some in just a few minutes!

    So far, i have gotten my LCD screen out of the plastic shell,
    I have broken my screwdriver trying to unscrew the screws to the gameboy, i swear they glued these screws in.

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    So this is my LCD. I need to know what part of this do i need to keep for my gameboy, Do i need just the screen? What about the circuit board hanging off of it and can i just rip off the wires attached to the other half?

    These are 18" Round UDMA/133 IDE cable, I ordered them and i dont think its what i wanted, what do these do and will i actually have use for them?

    My gameboy finally taken apart after 2 hours of tedious work!
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