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    So, what is it about retro games?

    What is it about retro games that you like so much?

    For me it's not just the amazing library of games available but it's moreso feeling of missing out on previous generations. I grew up on the PS1 so it's cool for me to go back and play the Megadrive or 2600 or SNES!

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    For me its a mixture of nostalgia (I've been gaming since the atari VCS roamed the Earth ) , and the fact that its fun playing something a bit simpler that wasnt programmed by a team of 50 and sold based on a billion dollar marketing blitz.
    Also Sega Mastersystem boxes look nice when you collect them
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    Several factors for me, nostalgia plays a part but I also like playing games/consoles I never had as a kid. Having feck all time for games playing these days is the biggest factor for me - I can't justify spending 50 quid on a new game when I'll only play 10 minutes and shelve it away, that and 99% of stuff released these days doesn't interest me (Last Guardian better not disappoint though). I'll always go for a retro game for a quick blast rather than bother with current gen.

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    I agree with all of the above, but a big part of it for me too, is actually finding these things, going to car boot sales and getting bargains,, its a hobbie.

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    It is quite fun coming across a hidden gem in a charity shop or car boot!


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