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    if you look at my very first photo that is 4 18650 lion batterys in parallel for more amp hours it then goes to a dc to dc boost circuit this uped it to 6 volts for the screen I then ran 5 volt from the screen to the pi

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    How many watts or how strong does my soldering iron need to be?
    This looks nice and cheap but again i dont know if its strong enough.
    Is this the IDE cable you talked about?

    You also said something about the batteries i listed and how they are li-ion batteries, do i still need these? I'm not sure what batteries i need and what pcb protection circuit i need.

    If i buy batteries what do i put them on to that can draw the power from them? Like if you put batteries into your remote control it has the two receiving ends you know what i mean?

    Sorry for the stupid questions, i am trying to understand what you are saying, i re-read over and over again and sometimes i just dont understand what you mean, i read i think that you said you were dyslexic, so i completely understand. My apologies for asking so much.

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    How important is the New DC-DC Converter Step Up Module 3V to 5V 1A USB Charger for MP3/MP4 Phone WST.

    It takes en entire month to ship from everywhere i look, both amazon and ebay. I dont have an entire month to wait for some small $2 piece thats... a bit silly.

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    battery wise space is a problem hence 18650 li-ion batterys
    the li-ion batterys you were looking don't need the protection circuit

    if you don't mind taking the Gameboy apart all the time to charge batterys you could run them in series producing 7.2volt this would stop the need for dc -dc boost circuit
    you run the 7.2v into the lcd screen on the screen they will be a 5v capacitor solder 2 wires onto it then run them to the raspberry pi

    battery powered soldering iron are not the best they tend to go flat to fast as I have one I tend to use a a 15watt mains soldering iron for pcb work and a 30watt or higher for larger surface soldering

    how I connected the batterys if you look at the photo you will see the 3mm doubled sided tape I used to hold power terminals top and bottom but also act as a spring to hold good connection

    also any wire wil do as long as it is flexable and not solid core solid core with opening and closing will soon break
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    Alright, i dont mind if i have to take it apart because i only need this to work for a 5 minute presentation! After than i dont care if it works or not haha.

    I was thinking of just putting a video game emulator and some games on a flash drive and popping that into the side of the gameboy when its all finished and showing that off. And then plugging an Ethernet cable in for internet and showing how that works too. I would like wireless but i dont think that will be very easy.

    Also in the very first picture with the batteries, are they in the original gameboys holding things? like where you would normally put the batteries in the back?
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    no that was a battery unit I got off ebay hoping it would fit inside but was a no go also 3.5 inch screen you wont be able to read websites etc I would use it for games are media center

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    Alright what did you end up using for your battery unit if that one did not work? But alright games will still work for me, it will still impress my teachers!

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    I used 3mm thick double sided form tape and a strip of metal for the contacts
    the form acted like a spring to keep all contacts


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