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    Virtual Boy Teardown

    If your interested in the Virtual Boy check out this nice teardown by ifixit.

    Check out the full thing:


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    Ive never played one of these, whats it like?

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    the 3d is suprisingly good , red on black monochrome, GB style graphics if I remember rightly...

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    The 3D effect is very good alright. Much better than I was expecting. Fingers crossed we see the library appearing on the 3DS at some point.

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    The short time I spent playing Mario tennis it impressed me also. Not something you'd spend long hours playing but nice to have in the collection for short bursts now and then I'd imagine.

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    id love to get my hands on one, might go for one next for the old collection!

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    what should i look out for, for when im getting one of these? they all seem to be in the US, will it work over here plugged into our sockets? what should i keep a lookout for, do they have any problems i should be aware of?


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